Our History

Our pillars of Society, Brotherhood, and Remembrance were established upon the formation of the Alpha Chapter at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, on August 16, 1996. Our founders realized the unique promise of a Greek-lettered organization that instills positive values among its members, provides an avenue for leadership, and promotes self-betterment. In its nascent stages, these founders understood that they must maintain a constant and growing nationwide network in order to truly manifest their organizational vision. As such, several new brothers were inducted on August 22, 1998 in New York. At this time, eight men from three different universities were given the status of National Founding Fathers as they were the visionaries who established the Fraternity for years to come. Modern day Sigma Beta Rho has grown considerably since its inception. We have expanded from our roots on the East Coast to forty five recognized active chapters and colonies that span the breadth of the nation. This growth stems from a reputation for excellent, values-based programming, diversity among our brotherhood, and alignment with the ideals of many students who strive for a competitive edge before entering a post-globalized working world. As an organization that prides itself on having individuals from every continent, ethnicity, and religion, we seek to foster enriching, cross-cultural discourse both amongst our members and within our campus communities. Through the efforts of our brothers, we have become the largest, most expansive fraternity of our kind in seventeen years. With each passing day, we strive to take one more step towards realizing the nationwide network envisioned by our National Founding Fathers.

About us

Our chapter was founed on May 31st, 2009 by our three founding fathers: Mr. Kunal Delvadia, Mr. Neil Shah, and Mr. Hayavadhan Thuppal. At the University of Pittsburgh, our brothers are involved with community service and cultural events in addition to raising money for our national philanthropy, SOS Children's Villages. We hold our brothers to high academic standards so that they have succeed after college. Many of our alumni are/have attending/attended medical and graduate school and others have found success in their industry.

Sigma Beta Rho is the nation’s premier multicultural fraternity. We span over 50 universities with over 3,000 members nationwide. Our high standard of performance and maintaining the integrity of the values of our fraternity have contributed to our being one of the fastest growing fraternity of our kind. Central to our efforts in Sigma Beta Rho are our pillar: service to our society, our bond of brotherhood, and remembrance of our origins.

Our Pillars


The ideal Society refers to the community in which one lives. Sigma Beta Rho fosters the belief that individuals have a responsibility to the society to which they belong. It is one's duty as a brother to give back to one's family, community, and fraternity that which an individual has to offer to the ideal of service.


The invincible bond that is shared between the members of this fraternity. This bond is symbolized by the word "Qurbani" which is the Hindi translation of the word "Sacrifice". Qurbani represents the strength of our brotherhood and our unity as a Fraternity.


At a time when many individuals share a birthplace different from that of their ancestors, it is necessary for an individual to recognize and appreciate his culture. Sigma Beta Rho not only encourages its members to appreciate their own culture, but also to gain an awareness of other cultures.

Our Philanthropy

As a fraternity that is heavily invested in service, we have chosen S.O.S. Children's Villages International to be our national philanthropy. This foundation has been working with disadvantaged families around the world (over 133 different countries) since 1960 in order to prevent crises that can lead to family separation. The focus is on abandoned, destitute and orphaned children requiring family-based child care. Millions of children worldwide are living without their biological families therefore S.O.S. provides about 50,000 such children and 15,000 young adults with a permanent new family, with a '24 hours a day' new S.O.S. mother to provide family-based care.

Our Brothers

Alpha Class

Spring 2009
Card image cap

Kunal Delvadia

Founding Father Overflow

Big Brother: Incubus

Card image cap

Neil Shah

Founding Father Aurum

Big Brother: Overdrive

Card image cap

Hayavadhan Thuppal

Founding Father Pioneer

Big Brother: Qwiksand

Beta Class

Spring 2010
Card image cap

Ken Nakajima

Brother Belligerent

Big Brother: FF Hammer

Card image cap

Chirag Shah

Brother Smoooth

Big Brother: Yakdaddy

Gamma Class

Fall 2010
Card image cap

Nuwan Perera

Brother BulletProof

Big Brother: FF Overflow

Card image cap

Jed Belaguas

Brother Automatic

Big Brother: FF Aurum

Card image cap

Jay Fuletra

Brother Alliance

Big Brother: Smooth

Card image cap

Jason Wu

Brother Flux

Big Brother: Belligerent

Delta Class

Fall 2011
Card image cap

Andy Vudhipao

Brother Arise

Big Brother: FF Pioneer

Card image cap

Nikhil Venkatesh

Brother Ambush

Big Brother: Alliance

Epsilon Class

Spring 2012
Card image cap

Scott Bridgehouse

Brother Sabotage

Big Brother: BulletProof

Card image cap

Vikram Patwardhan

Brother Broadcast

Big Brother: Flux

Zeta Class

Fall 2012
Card image cap

Nick Patel

Brother Dispatch

Big Brother: Ambush

Card image cap

Akshdeep Dhaliwal

Brother Analogue

Big Brother: Broadcast

Card image cap

Akshay Ratnani

Brother Immaculate

Big Brother: Sabotage

Card image cap

Josh Butler

Brother Tenacity

Big Brother: Automatic

Card image cap

Sam Zytka

Brother Ember

Big Brother: Arise

Eta Class

Spring 2013
Card image cap

Mark Sy

Brother Mandate

Big Brother: Flux

Card image cap

Baron Kim

Brother Prevail

Big Brother: Tenacity

Card image cap

Jigar Saraiya

Brother Divulge

Big Brother: Dispatch

Card image cap

Andrew Kim

Brother NonStop

Big Brother: Analogue

Card image cap

Mark Amaratunga

Brother Framework

Big Brother: Immaculate

Card image cap

Akhil Venkatesh

Brother Caliph

Big Brother: Ember

Theta Class

Spring 2014
Card image cap

Rohan Patel

Brother Regimen

Big Brother: Analogue

Card image cap

Praneeth Peddada

Brother Discord

Big Brother: Tenacity

Iota Class

Fall 2014
Card image cap

Danish Malik

Brother Drawback

Big Brother: Dispatch

Card image cap

Danial Malik

Brother Resurge

Big Brother: NonStop

Card image cap

Palak Desai

Brother Insouciant

Big Brother: Discord

Card image cap

Adam Baxter

Brother Epiphron

Big Brother: Framework

Card image cap

Aishan Shetty

Brother Bastion

Big Brother: Caliph

Kappa Class

Spring 2016
Card image cap

Brian Amaratunga

Brother Styrchnine

Big Brother: Bastion

Card image cap

Luke Churley

Brother Monolith

Big Brother: Regimen

Lambda Class

Spring 2017
Card image cap

Jake Waldman

Brother FPS

Big Brother: Monolith

Card image cap

Viknesh Lakshmanan

Brother Overpass

Big Brother: Styrchnine

Mu Class

Fall 2017
Card image cap

Randy Ramchal

Brother Fathom

Big Brother: Insouciant

Card image cap

Abhilash Dhanvada

Brother Baazigar

Big Brother: Overpass

Nu Class

Spring 2018
Card image cap

Purnaesh Prabhu

Brother Mutiny

Big Brother: Fathom

Xi Class

Spring 2019
Card image cap

Vishal Reddy

Brother Crow

Big Brother: Fathom

Card image cap

Shaunak Digambar

Brother Commandeer

Big Brother: FPS

Card image cap

Kush Patel

Brother Carrick

Big Brother: Overpass

Card image cap

Hrithik Sangani

Brother Indomitable

Big Brother: Baazigar

Our Chapters

Lettered Chapters

Chapters have earned their place in the history of Sigma Beta Rho by the designation of a Greek letter. The Greek letter is assigned to a chapter based on the order in which they earn Chapter Status (for instance, University of Pennsylvania is our first chapter, and thus, earned the Alpha letter designation). If a "lettered" chapter is ever disbanded, that letter will always be reserved for that university and reassigned when a colony is re-established and chapter status is earned again.

Alpha Chapter

University of Pennsylvania

Est. August 16, 1996

Beta Chapter

Binghamton University

Est. August 22, 1998

Gamma Chapter

St. John's University

Est. August 22, 1998

Zeta Chapter

Stony Brook University

Est. February 2, 2000

Theta Chapter

Rutgers University

Est. June 17, 2001

Kappa Chapter

University of Rochester

Est. December 10, 2002

Lambda Chapter

Virginia Commonwealth University

Est. November 24, 2002

Mu Chapter

University of South Florida

Est. August 25, 2001

Nu Chapter

University of Georgia

Est. November 24, 2002

Pi Chapter

University of Florida

Est. May 31, 2002

Rho Chapter

Temple University

Est. November 20, 2004

Sigma Chapter

Georgia Institute of Technology

Est. April 2, 2005

Tau Chapter

University Houston

Est. March 4. 2004

Upsilon Chapter

Drexel University

Est. March 30, 2002

Phi Chapter

University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

Est. April 26, 2003

Psi Chapter

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Est. November 19, 2004

Alpha Alpha Chapter

Florida State University

Est. December 10, 2005

Alpha Beta Chapter

Northeastern University

Est. April 14, 2007

Alpha Gamma Chapter

Oregon State University

Est. May 21, 2005

Alpha Delta Chapter

University of Tennessee

Est. April 28, 2006

Alpha Epsilon Chapter

University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

Est. April 26, 2008

Alpha Zeta Chapter

University of Pittsburgh

Est. May 31st, 2009

Alpha Eta Chapter

University of Massachusetts Lowell

Est. May 1, 2010

Alpha Theta Chapter

University of North Florida

Est. April 10, 2014

Associate Chapters

Associate Chapters are our mid-tier entities. They have proven themselves with a significant presence at their university through campus involvement, and have reached consistent levels of fundraising and community service that earn them this designation. ssociate Chapters are in the active pursuit of the pinnacle of entity achievement: Chapter Status.

East Tennessee State University

Est. November 19, 2008

Emory University

Est. November 17, 2014

Syracuse University

Est. January 1, 2006

Rutgers University - Newark

Est. December 1, 2006

New Jersey Institue of Technology

Est. November 19, 2004

University of South Carolina

Est. April 18, 2010

Stockton University

Est. November 14, 2015

Florida Atlantic University

Est. March 25, 2017


Our colonies are our youngest entities. Colonies are newly-established entities that have not yet reached a level of success to be considered for the status of Associate Chapter. Once a colony has grown for at least two years and hit certain performance benchmarks, they are considered for Associate Chapter status. The performance of the colony is evaluated and the designation of Associate Chapters is announced each summer.

University of Illinois - Chicago

Est. May 14, 2006

Boston University

Est. April 23, 2005

Florida International University

Est. May 5, 2007

Michigan State University

Est. December 10, 2006

State University of New York At Albany

Est. April 20, 2012

State University of New York at Buffalo

Est. December 7, 2001

University of Michigan

Est. December 6, 2013

Wayne State University

Est. December 13, 2014

University of Louisville

Est. April 4, 2015

Rowan University